Larry Emerson

    Emerson's passion for photography began early in life. His studies in biology at Fordham University and photography at Germain School of Photography helped lay the ground work for an ever evolving and unique style of photography.

    In 2007 The Art Around You was founded, the concept being simple; bringing to light the people, places and things we look at every day but never really see. Emerson shows how extraordinary the ordinary can be and opens to us a world whose existence we have neither the time or vision to acknowledge.

    He allows us to see through new eyes and look at things a different way. He is absorbed into the environment; wandering, wondering, watching and capturing the space as never before seen.

    There is art around us every day and everywhere. And though it sometimes takes a finely tuned eye to capture it, it takes only an open mind and willing heart to experience it.

    Enjoy the ephemeral beauty of the ordinary as seen through the lens of Larry Emerson.

    It's "The Art Around You" and remember ... it's everywhere.
    • OLD POST 5
    • Union Station Milles Fountain 8
    • Orange Point 1
    • Tropical Fruit 2
    • Deer Jaw
    • cold seed pod
    • Frozen Assets 15
    • ORCHID SHOW 24
    • SFO 3
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